High Efficiency Modules

Ganco Modules are known for their unbeatable performance and convert sunlight into solar energy in the most efficient manner. Following are a few benefits that make it one of the most trusted technologies in the solar industry-

  • High panel efficiency of up to 19.7%, and cell efficiency of up to 22.09%
  • Warranted power tolerance of up to +10%
  • Highest kWh production annually and the greatest net savings at the end of life.
  • Unique water drainage at corners of module avoids water accumulation
  • Compatible with string inverters
  • The silver anodized frame on the white back sheet
  • 25-year product warranty against any defects
  • Panels are of a pyramid structure that reduces reflection and direct more sunlight
  • Highest efficiency products at a very competitive price

Product details

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Ranging from 50W to 400W both in poly and mono per modules available. Optimized module designed as per IEC 61215 provides an attractive outlook. 3.2mm thick & high transitivity (>91% as per ASTM Standard thath ensures maximum energy output.

High conversion efficiency cell sources based on leading innovation photovoltaic technologies. High reliability with guaranteed only +3% Wp power output tolerance.

Premium quality encapsulation material having superior UV and thermal properties allows the module to perform in all weather conditions, strong aluminum frames with approx. 15 to 20-micron thick anodized provides resistance to corrosion and strength to withstand high wind speed and hail stroms. IP65 – weatherproof and UV resistance junction box made of nylon 6 or equivalent superior grade plastic that allows easy interconnection of modules in an array. These H-Boxes can be provided with in-built by-pass diodes.

All modules are fabricated with grounding and mounting holes to ensure highest safety standard requirements. The modules are nominated with a barcode label in front and data label at the rear with a clear indication of the data. Withstands extreme temperature variations (-45°C to +85°C) and high wind-pressure and snow load(Up to 5400Pa mechanical load).

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